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Un établissement au regard porté sur l’élève





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A school located right in the centre of nantes

The Loquidy is located in the Petit Port/St Félix area, next to the river Erdre, the prestigious colleges and the university campus.


Le Loquidy in short

Since 1926, education has been our passion. Saint Joseph du Loquidy which was founded by the Brothers of the Ecoles Chrétiennes, is a Catholic school belonging to the La Salle network.

Le Loquidy welcomes junior school, high school and classes préparatoires' pupils in a 8-hectare estate located right in the centre of Nantes in the Erdre/petit Port area, next to the University campus and easily accessible by tram and by bus.

The Loquidy aims at meeting everybody's needs and is equipped with the latest multimedia technologies in modern buildings.

From year 7 to year 10, bilingual sections, drama club, German, Spanish, Italian, rugby, rowing, cricket and so on enable us to offer a programme adapted to every pupil.

In year 11, 12 and in sixth form, this general education high school offers courses to prepare A-levels specialized in literature (L), economics and social sciences (ES) as well as scientific subjects (S) without forgetting international opportunities and sport and cultural projects. The classe préparatoire welcomes students with A-levels in literature and in economics and social sciences who want to integrate a Business School.


How we conceive junior school

by François Brégeon, the Assistant Headmaster of the Junior School

"Since 1926, the Junior School of the Loquidy has done its utmost to teach as best as possible every pupil. Faithful to the La Salle education tenets, each pupil is welcomed, made aware of the importance of the others, sensitized to the necessity of being an example and incited to work seriously without relenting.

Pupils enjoy a pleasant surrounding which favours all kinds of learning and all pupils know that they are constantly supported by careful teachers and supervisors who will help them to succeed in life. Every pupil in the Loquidy can make progress thanks to classic and innovating teaching methods, to the cultural and international openings as well as the scientific, artistic and sport initiatives.


Enjoy your visit of the junior school !"


How we conceive high school

by Simon Fournier, the Assistant Headmaster of the High School

"Since 1926, the High School of the Loquidy has been taking into account, guiding and helping all pupils, whatever their choices.

The Loquidy cares for the humane and spiritual education of every pupil and offers different programmes to grow in humanity.

The Loquidy is the springboard for university studies and helps the young ones to develop their orientation projects so that they fit as well as possible in tertiary education.

The three main general education programmes, the customized follow-up and the support they benefit from enable pupils to have the autonomy and the balance they need to succeed in their studies.

The different international exchanges and projects carried out at all levels in the high school enable every pupil to thrive and to become aware of the world he lives in.


Enjoy your visit of the high school !


How we conceive the classe preparatoire

by Jean-Yves Pégé, the director of the classes préparatoire

"The classe préparatoire of the Loquidy (a 2-year intensive course to sit the competitive entrance examinations to the Grandes Ecoles) welcomes students with A-levels in economics and social sciences or literature who want to enter a Business School. It remains faithful to its La Salle education tradition. We want to help every single student to know himself better and to have a meaningful life. During these two years, the potential of each student can reveal itself.

In classe préparatoire "living together" is enhanced.

  • to blossom ... listening to one another, exchanging and debating while respecting the others
  • to succeed ... getting involved in work, going beyond one's limits, helping the others while encouraging one another.
  • to dream ... imagining the future beyond the competitive exams for the Grandes Ecoles.

In classe préparatoire collaboration is expected

  • The teachers give the means to succeed.
  • The students develop an ability to analyse and a substantial cultural background thanks to their work.

The classe preparatoire, two meaningful years

  • 2 years which require a substantial personal commitment.
  • 2 years which enable students to blossom and to improve themselves.
  • 2 years which matter to develop one's personality


Enjoy your visit of the classe préparatoire !"



Our 10 reasons to be proud

1. A school involved in sustainable development.

The Loquidy is the firts private school (junior and high school) of the Pays de la Loire to be granted a sustainable development label by the National Education Secretary. This label rewards the initiatives concerning sustainable development carried out with pupils for many years (recycling of waste, plantation projects and scientific experiments on the topic of green chemistry ...)


2. A internationally-recognized teaching of foreign languages.

In order to improve the quality of its teaching, the Loquidy gives the opportunity to take internationally-recognized tests in foreign languages to the pupils willing to do so.

  • English: the Loquidy has been authorized to organize TOEIC tests as a TOEIC Centre.
  • Spanish: The Cervantes Institute has allowed the Loquidy to organize DELE tests.
  • German: a test in German will be on offer from September 15/16 for year 11 pupils willing to take it.


3. A classe préparatoire which benefits from the "Campus La Salle" label

In 2015, the Loquidy classe préparatoire was given the label "La Salle Campus". The Campus La Salle network offers more than 100 different trainings in France. It highlights our desire to develop high quality post-A-level trainings which" address all kinds of pupils" said Brother J.P. Aleth, the Provincial inspector for France.


4. Solidarity among our pupils

The Loquidy pupils care for the world in which they live and they are always willing to participate in different solidarity initiatives carried out in the school, whether at the national or international scale.

For 10 years, the different charity lunches have enabled us to gather 36,346,00 euros in favour of the school "Notre Dame de la Paix" in Haiti, a school run by the Brothers of the Ecoles Chrétiennes.

Since 2009, the different campaigns have enabled to gather several thousand kilos of food for the charity "les restos du coeur."


5. Champions of France

For 10 years, Saint Joseph du Loquidy has won more than 30 sport championships in all kinds of sports like rugby, rock climbing, rowing ... Sport is essential in the balance that we strive to give to each of our pupils. (See the sports results of the junior and the high school).


6. Training in emergency aid

Some far-reaching prevention initiatives: since 2009, more than 1,350 pupils from year 9 have been trained in emergency aid by the Loquidy teachers. This project is part of a whole set of prevention initiatives carried out from year 7 to year 10.


7. Ever-trusting families

Every year, more than 98 % of the families decide to renew the enrolment of their children to the junior school. Only the children whose parents move in France or abroad for their work leave.


8. Reinforced links with a network of primary schools.


9. Alumni in the news.

Guillaume Rolland, the alarm clock of the ingenious prodigy

Guillaume, a pupil from the Loquidy (promotion 2014) passed his A-levels specialized in scientific studies and he was awarded first class honours. He will be the patron of the promotion of June 2016. As a genious inventor, he invented his first appliance (a tea brewer) and won his first prize, that of the monthly young inventor given by the magazine Sciences et Vie Junior. He then won several competitions. For the competition organized by the Institute for the National Consumption, he surveyed some beach towels with a classmate. He then started to work on his olfactory alarm clock that he showed to Science and Vie and he once again won the competition. He then went to the Fair of the Young Inventors and Creators in Monts. Here he won it all. He won the first individual prize as well as the prize given by the Association of Engineers and that given by the public. To top it all, he won the gold medal of the Lepine Competition and a right to participate in the European Lepine Competition in Strasbourg from September 5th to September 15th. It was a first international step before his departure to San Francisco to participate in the Google Science Fair. Although he did not win, Guillaume has been the first Frenchman to participate in this competition.


Agnès Raharolahy, a pupil in humane sciences who enjoys life

Agnès was in the Loquidy from 2003 to 2010 and she obtained her A-levels specialized in literature with honours in June 2010. In 2013, she won the bronze medal at the 4x400 meters relay during the European championships for the young hopefuls in Tampere in Finland. She also participated in the Mediterranean games in Mersin in Turkey and won the bronze medal for the 100 meters. On August 2014, she won the gold medal at the Zurich's European championship, at the final of the 4x400 meters, in 3 minutes 24 seconds 27, alongside Floria Guei, who is also a former pupil from the Loquidy.


Bréanne Robert, from the classroom to climbing walls

Bréanne who has been attending the Loquidy since 2010 is currently in year 12. She is passionate about climbing and has been practising this sport in the ASPTT in Nantes. She has won many championships among which the French championship for high schools in 2013 and 2014. She was a member of the junior French team in 2014 and she was ranked first in the national competition.

To help her to combine her passion for climbing and her studies, she benefits from a specific timetable.


François-Xavier Santagostini, a priest at the service of the church of Nantes

François-Xavier Santagostini was ordained priest by Bishop Jean Paul James in 2014. This former pupil from the Loquidy (promotion 2014) is currently a priest in the Sts Evêques de Nantes parish (3 churches, St Félix, St Pasquier, St Similien). He is in charge of the pastorale of the junior shool and high school of the Loquidy.


Raphaël Thoisy

The specialized magazine Voile et Voiliers had a straightforward title in its issue of July 2015 : "Raphaël Thoisy, a future Gabart !". Currently in year 8 and a member of the SNO in Nantes, Raphaël was the youngest competitor invited as a member of the French team to the world championship of dinghies in Dziwnow (Poland) in August 2015.

This young sportsman is as at ease in the water as on earth and does not plan to stop playing rugby with his mates from the Loquidy.


10. An opening onto Asia.

Against the current backdrop in which the Asian continent is gaining momentum, the Loquidy develops partnerships to make its pupils more aware of its different cultures. Thus in 2014, two partnerships have been initiated with the La Salle Junior School in Amman (Jordan) and with the Yang Chung High School in Seoul (South Korea).

Using its international network, the Loquidy regularly welcomes Middle-East teachers who want to improve their French.


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